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Academic Eligibility Requirements

• There may be no conflict with other scheduled programs, religious activities, etc.
All TDCJ college students are required to attend all classes. A college student must have an official TDCJ lay-in in order to be excused from class
• GED or high school diploma.
• Line Class 1 status or better and custody level must be G3 or better to be considered or a G4 with the warden’s approval.
No major case for six months prior to enrollment or testing.
• TSI tested (a minimum level [A] TABE/EA Score of 12.0 reading, 8.5 math, 8.5 language, or an 11.0 composite is required to take TSI or provide a record of an approved alternative test.
• If you have a detainer or a degree, you must pay for classes from your trust fund. New students who do not have an initial parole review date within 10 years and/or have a projected release or maximum expiration date of more than 20 years must pay for all cost of academic college.
TDCJ will allow you to take one course per semester and reimburse the cost after release for qualified students. Any classes above one per semester must be paid from your trust fund account or grant funds.
• Offenders identified to participate in the S.O.T.P. (Sexual Offender Treatment Program) by TDCJ may not be allowed to participate in academic courses if within two years of your projected release date.
Offenders who have a voted parole action indicating a “serve all” with a calculated date the same as their maximum expiration date must pay for college from their trust fund account or qualify for grant funding. (Incarcerated Individuals Program grant)
• Offenders who have an FI action date must pay for their courses from their trust fund account. FI’s also require TDCJ approval for enrollment.
Offenders who plan to utilize reimbursement will be categorized using a priority system established by TDCJ based on projected or maximum release dates and/or initial parole review date. In some cases, TDCJ may require payment of college cost from your trust fund.
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10/21/2016 2:20:37 PM