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Listing of TVCC Student Organizations
Posted: 2/24/2014 3:23:34 PM

Student organizations at Trinity Valley Community College vary slightly from year to year in accordance with changes in student needs and interests.

All student organizations are required to operate under constitutions which conform to the educational objectives and administrative regulations of the college. Some organizations are primarily social; others are academic, professional, or service in nature.

Some — but not excessive — participation in campus organizations is recommended to all students.

Phi Theta Kappa
Texas Region of Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa is an international honorary organization for two-year colleges everywhere whose purpose is to promote scholarship, developcharacter, and cultivate fellowship among students of both sexes. In order tobe eligible for membership in the local chapter, known as IOTA ALPHA, a studentmust attain a 3.5 GPA, have completed any required developmental courses, and have completed 12 semester hours at TVCC. In addition, prospective members must be of good character as determined by the faculty. In order to remain a member, the student must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA.

A student who seeks election into Phi Theta Kappa and who graduated with at least a "B" average from high school is invited to join the local organizations as an associate member until he or she can qualify for membership in the national organization.
Phi Theta Kappa meets every other week during the academic year. Its activities and programs center around a study theme suggested by the national office as well as overall student activities. Special emphasis is placed on those activities promoting scholarship.

In addition to the many activities on the local campus, representatives of the chapter travel each year to the state and national conventions. The chapter has visited such places as New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Boston, Kansas City and Minneapolis in recent years.

Alpha Phi Tau
Alpha Phi Tau is the Criminal Justice organization designed for students who plan to enter criminal justice, legal assistance, or other related fields. Activities expose the student to Criminal Justice agencies that are not accessible to the individual and give the student an opportunity to see firsthand what career options are available to those who receive a degree in Criminal Justice. The many contacts with working professionals will enhance the student's ability to make an informed decision about a career and provide insight in seeking employment.
The "Frat" promotes professionalism, a sense of belonging, and friendships that last long after the student has graduated. The ideas for our activities come from our members and every semester there is something new to prepare the student for their career choice. Activities and programs strive to encourage a greater cooperation among criminal justice agencies and higher education.

Baptist Student Union
The Baptist Student Union seeks to promote the spiritual development of students through Christian fellowship, prayer, Bible study, discussion, service projects, and social activities. All students are eligible to participate.
The Cardettes is a precision dance organization which selects young ladies on the basis of personality, character, showmanship, and dancing ability. The objective of the Cardettes is primarily to add to the school spirit of Trinity Valley Community College. Each young lady receives training in modeling and dancing. Young ladies attain memberships in the Cardettes through tryouts held at the end of a two-week training session prior to the fall semester.

Wild Card Jazz Ensemble
Wild Card Jazz Ensemble is open to all students who are interested in playing all types of jazz and today's popular music. The group performs for various events throughout the year and presents concerts each spring at various area high schools. Another function of the band is to act as a performance laboratory for those who wish to learn and arrange in the jazz idiom. Prerequisites to joining the group are membership in the Cardinal Marching Band, admission by audition or approval of director. Scholarships are available.

Cardinal Marching Band
The Cardinal Marching Band is open to all students who audition and demonstrate the ability to play an instrument or the ability to perform as a twirler. The Band performs for football games and some of the basketball games. The band presents concerts featuring the traditional music of the season. The Band performs for many local events and makes a number of trips each year. In addition, band members may audition to participate in the Texas All-State Junior College Honor Band. Scholarships are available.

Cardinal Choir
Cardinal Choir: The choir is open to any student who enjoys singing. The choir presents several programs each year at the college and for social and service clubs in the area. The choir participates in the Texas All-State Junior College Choir Festival and participates in the presentation of a major broadway musical in conjunction with other departments in the Fine Arts Division. Scholarships are available.

Cardinal Creations
Cardinal Creations: A select vocal group from within the Cardinal Choir. Membership is through audition or proven ability. The group presents programs of contemporary Christian music.

Cardinal Singers
Cardinal Singers: A select vocal-instrumental group from within the Cardinal Choir. Membership is through audition or proven ability. The group presents programs of rock, pop, jazz, and show tunes on campus and for social and service clubs in the area. Scholarships are available.

Music Students Association
The Music Students Association is open to all music students. The purpose of the organization is to develop in music students a greater understanding and appreciation of music through discussion and performance.

Cardinal Cheerleaders
The Cardinal Cheerleaders are a group of students whose purpose is to promote school spirit, enhance sportsmanship and uphold high ideals of conduct. They conduct public relations tours of local high schools and serve as judges for cheerleader tryouts in the area. They conduct pep rallies, attend basketball games, and football games. Applications are submitted to the sponsor. Cheerleaders must maintain a 2.0 grade average and be a full-time student. Squad members are selected by tryouts and/or recruitment by the cheerleader sponsor. Weight must be comparable to height in the women candidates, and strength for partner stunts must be demonstrated in the male tryouts. A minimal level of gymnastics is required for both men and women.

Cardette Showgirls
Cardette Showgirls: Cardette Showgirls is a special group of twelve dancers chosen each January by the Director and Choreographer. Both Freshmen and Sophomores are eligible for selection. The Showgirls perform during the spring semester and represent TVCC at special events (assembly programs at high schools, professional basketball games, local events and Spring Show). They are actively involved in recruiting young women to try out for Cardettes and other performing groups at the college. To qualify, a Cardette must be passing twelve hours with a 2.0 GPA and present a three-minute original dance during auditions. Each girl must display skills in showmanship, dance technique, originality, personality, and maintain a good physical appearance.

Criminal Justice Student Association
Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA) is an organization open to all criminal justice majors maintaining a "C" average. This organization provides activities and encourages understanding between students and professional agencies of criminal justice through organized activities.

CSI (Collegiate Secretaries International)
CSI (Collegiate Secretaries International) seeks to promote the professional development of students preparing for careers in administrative support positions or as business teachers. The purpose of the chapter is to stimulate interest in and provide insight regarding lifetime careers and advancement opportunities as administrative support personnel. Membership consists of students who are enrolled in a business curriculum or business course.

Data Processing Management Association (DPMA)
Data Processing Management Association (DPMA) is the largest organization representing information management executives world-wide. It is dedicated to the advancement of its members by means of a broad range of educational programs and encourages high standards of competence and professionalism among its members. DPMA fosters a better understanding of the vital business role of information processing in society and the proper relationship of information processing to management.
DPMA Student Chapter membership benefits include membership in a professional organization, interaction with data processing professionals, career planning, student conferences, association with other students who have similar interests through regularly scheduled meetings of the student chapter.
A student must be a candidate for a minimum of a two-year degree with a major which is consistent with his or her desire to enter the field of information processing.

Delta Epsilon Chi (Collegiate DECA)
Delta Epsilon Chi (Collegiate DECA) is a national educational organization for students who are preparing for careers in management, sales, advertising, finance, retailing, wholesaling, insurance, real estate, fashion merchandising, and many other marketing-oriented occupations. Membership in the organization allows students to meet with people who have common job and career interests. DEX members are also eligible to enter state and national competitive events in their career areas.

TVCC News-Journal Staff
The TVCC News-Journal Staff is the organization which publishes the College newspaper as a part of the required activities for journalism courses. Although staff membership is limited to journalism students, students with newswriting talent may submit material for publication. The TVCC News-Journal offers the students a chance to express their own opinions and gain experience in news reporting.

The Ark gives students an opportunity to get together in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Food is served at non-profit prices. The Ark is operated by an informal student council according to the needs of the students. The Ark is sponsored by the United Campus Ministry, an informal ministry to the students of TVCC, and is provided by the cooperation of the A.M.E., Christian, Episcopal, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches in the college area.

Nu-Eta-Chi is an organization formed to promote the dramatic arts. The organization endeavors to aid the drama department in recruiting students, and in building and maintaining an outstanding department. Membership is open to any student who has a desire to be involved in the dramatic arts at Trinity Valley Community College.

International Students Organization
The International Students Organization endeavors to assist international students in overcoming cultural differences and adjusting to life at Trinity Valley Community College. Various activities are scheduled throughout the year to aid in this adjustment process.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization designed to provide a more healthy environment for the student and especially the student athlete. The organization strives to enhance positive, spiritual, social, and emotional development. The organization desires to teach the students how to be their best and achieve success through athletics at school and at home. Everyone is welcome to join.

TVCC Theatre
TVCC Theatre is open to all students interested in the theatre arts. The major purposes for the productions are cultural development, personal enrichment, and theatrical experience for both drama majors and non-majors. Students interested in participating should contact the Director of Theatre for further details.

Returning Adult Students
Returning Adult Students — RAS is an organization for non-traditional students who have returned to college after a lapse in their education. Non-traditional students have special needs and interests; therefore, programs and services will be provided to help orient students to the TVCC campus, smooth the transition and pave the way for a more rewarding college experience. The RAS welcomes any person who has an interest in meeting the other mature students. Contact the Special Services Department for more information.

Phi Rho Pi
Phi Rho Pi is the National Junior College Speech Association. The purpose of the local chapter is to provide students with the opportunity to perfect their communication skills through participation in a variety of speech activities including public speaking, interpretation, and/or debate. Members have the opportunity to participate in speech tournaments and festivals throughout the state and nation. Members also assist in organizing and judging at various speech tournaments and festivals in the area. Scholarships are available.

Texas Nursing Students Association
Texas Nursing Students Association is composed of students who are enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing Program at Trinity Valley Community College. This organization provides information concerning current trends and issues impacting standards of nursing care and is the vehicle that encourages leadership in the professional group.