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Sociology - AA Degree, Liberal Arts Major

Engl 1301 (3 Hours)
Hist 1301 (3 Hours)
Educ/Psyc 1300 (3 Hours)
Soci 1301 (3 Hours)
Math 1342 (3 Hours)
Engl 1302 (3 Hours)
Hist 1302 (3 Hours)
Psyc 2301 (3 Hours)
Soci 1306 (3 Hours)
Creative Arts (3 Hours)
Govt 2305 (3 Hours)
Life & Physical Science (4 Hours)
Language, Philosophy & Culture (3 Hours)
BCIS 1305 (3 Hours)
Soci 2301 (3 Hours)
Govt 2306 (3 Hours)
Life & Physical Science (4 Hours)
Psyc 2314 (3 Hours)
Suggested Pathway Elective (3 Hours)
Math 1314 College Algebra
Span 1411 Elementary Spanish I


Please note this is a suggested degree plan, students should consult an academic advisor early in their degree programs of study.


TVCC Career Coach

Are you interested in learning more about what you can do with a Sociology degree?   Then, visit TVCC's Career Coach which features an interactive tool that allows you as the student to browse by subject and explore the types of careers along with potential salary information and needed degree for career.  There is also a career assessment that you can take for suggestions of careers based on your interests.  The TVCC Career Coach can be found here:  TVCC Career Coach


TVCC Social Sciences Institutional Scholarship

In order to be eligible to receive a TVCC Social Sciences Institutional Scholarship, a student must be enrolled in a social sciences course during the semester in which they receive the award.  Students must have completed the FAFSA form.  A student does not have to be eligible to receive FAFSA in order to receive an institutional scholarship; however, they must have applied for FAFSA.  All forms will be reviewed the week prior to the fall or spring semester beginning.  Any student that is awarded an institutional scholarship will be notified by email and phone.  Please contact division chair, Donna Bennett at with any questions concerning the institutional scholarship or application form.

Trinity Valley Community College Social Sciences Scholarship Application

TVCC Sociology Faculty

Tammy Denney received her B.B.A. in Business Finance at The University of Texas at Tyler, and her M.Ed. in Student Services Counseling from Texas A&M Commerce where she also completed her 18 graduate hours in Sociology.  She has worked for TVCC since 2008 in various roles and is currently the Registrar for the college.  She began teaching part time Introduction to Sociology in 2015.  Tammy is married to Marty Denney, and they live in Elkhart.  They have four children- Hayden, Corban, Jackson and Marisa.  Tammy Denney can be reached at or 903-670-2617. 

Brad Elmore went to work at Henderson County Junior College in September of 1976, after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Government from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master’s Degree in Sociology from East Texas State University. Mr. Elmore has taught History, Government, and Sociology since that time.  He has earned 48 additional graduate hours from North Texas State University, University of Texas at Tyler and East Texas State University.  Mr. Elmore has served as an officer in the Faculty Association, the First Faculty Intern for Administration, and a Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor for three Years.  He is married to Dr. Wendy Elmore and they have four children and 4 grandchildren.  Mr. Elmore may be reached at or 903-675-6348.

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4/11/2022 9:21:46 AM