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Admission & Applications

Trinity Valley Community College maintains an open door admissions policy and constantly strives to provide programs beneficial to all students.


Trinity Valley Community College is an open-enrollment institution. Most students are accepted once they complete the admissions process. Follow the new student checklist below to complete the admissions process and become a TVCC student.

1 - Apply for Admission

Complete the online application for admission or meet with an advisor at a campus for assistance.


2 - Complete Pre-Assessment Activity

Note: the pre-assessment activity is ONLY required for those students taking the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment.


3 - Complete Placement Testing

Complete placement testing - Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment - prior to New Student Orientation.  Note: some students may not have to test. See additional details.


4 - Satisfy Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirement

The bacterial meningitis vaccination requirement must be satisfied before registering for classes.


5 - Complete New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation must be complete before you can register for classes.


6 - Register & Pay for Classes

Meet with an advisor to discuss your academic program, courses, and class schedule before registering for classes. You can register at New Student Orientation, with an advisor, or online.  You may also want to complete the online course self-assessment to help determine if taking an online class is a good fit for your learning style. 


7 - Collect class and campus essentials

Get your textbooks, supplies, college ID/library card, and parking permit prior to your first day of class.


8 - Go to Class!

TVCC has several locations including four full campuses, three satellite centers, two university centers, four program-specific locations, as well as an abundance of online classes.


Written by:
Marlo Bitter
2/16/2018 1:04:06 PM