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Consider using a U-Bolt style lock for your bicycle. Attach the lock through a wheel, the frame, and a stationary object such as a bicycle rack.

Engrave the bicycle to deter thieves and to help in identifying and returning a stolen bicycle. Mark your information in two different locations
on non-removable parts. 

Report any suspicious behavior you see around the bicycle racks. Never leave your bicycle unattended anywhere. 

Be sure that the bicycle can not be lifted over what you are locking it to. 

For bicycles with quick-release wheels, be sure to lock both wheels and the frame to a secure structure.

Secure components such as seat posts with quick release levers, lights, saddle bags or remove them. 

Make the lock as awkward as possible to get at. 

Do not leave your bicycle locked to racks on campus over the summer unless you are attending classes. 

Before you walk away from your bicycle, do a quick check that your lock is really secure and there are no easily removable items. 

Make sure that in parking and locking your bicycle you are not impeding pedestrian or handicap access.

Keep a record of your bicycle's make, model, color, and frame number.
Posted Date:
9/19/2014 3:09:19 PM