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Don’t let others tailgate when entering residence halls and report immediately anyone who you see helping others tailgate.

Do not prop open any residence exterior door; this insures safety of all residents.

When in the residence hall never leave your room unlocked, even while taking a shower or making a short trip down the hall.

Refrain from posting notes on your door informing others that no one is in the room. 

Don’t leave valuables, like your wallet, checkbook, or jewelry, in open view. 

Keep an accurate inventory of your possessions. Engraving tools may be borrowed from Campus Police for inscribing your driver’s license number. 

Keys should not be attached to College identification cards. 

Take care of your keys. Don’t give anyone a chance to duplicate them. 

Be a good neighbor.  Look for suspicious activity or people in the residence hall.

Burglars look for the easiest target.  Not because they are professionals, but because they are amateurs looking for a quick and effortless entry into a dorm room to take items of value. The following tips can help you avoid making your dorm room look like that “easy target”.


Lock all doors and windows when you leave and when you go to sleep.

Notify Campus Police any time your key or student ID is lost or stolen.

Do not leave your door propped open at any time. 

Do not leave cash hidden in your room.  Open a checking account and make use of a debit card. 

Be sure to close and lock all windows when you leave and when you go to sleep.

Don't advertise when your dorm room will be unoccupied. 

Make your dorm room look occupied by day, leave drapes and shades in normal positions with valuables out of sight. 

Be a good neighbor by keeping an eye on your neighbor’s dorm room; get them to do the same for you.

Report suspicious people or vehicles lurking on campus.

Call Campus Police if your suspicions are aroused and give police a good description.

Mark your property by inscribing your driver’s license number on these items.

Keep a list of the make, model and serial numbers of all valuables.
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2/9/2015 11:54:10 AM