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Board minutes 6-25-12

Trinity Valley Community College
The Trinity Valley Community College Board of Trustees met in regular session at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, June 25, 2012 in the Board Room of the Orval Pirtle Administration Building in Athens, with the following members present:
Mr. Ray Raymond               Mr. Homer Norville                Mr. Jerry Stone        
Mr. Ron Day                        Mr. Jack Endres                    Mr. David Monk
Mrs. Paula Kimball              Mr. Kenneth McGee              Dr. Charlie Risinger


  1. Mr. Endres opened the meeting with prayer.



  1. There were no public comments.



  1. There was no information or news items reported.



  1. Mr. Danny Booth, accompanied by Mr. Charles Gann, presented a request from the City of Terrell Tax Abatement Committee for the college to grant a tax abatement for Longhorn Fabrication, Inc.  A motion was made by Mr. Norville, seconded by Mr. Monk, the college grant the tax abatement request.  Motion carried 8 – 0 with Dr. Risinger abstaining.

       5. The following topics were discussed or reviewed in the President’s report:
                                President Forgey reported that the softball team was named an Academic All-American Team 3.19 GPA and players Haley Savant and Jennie Von Doellen were named Academic All Americans.
                              President Forgey reviewed Summer enrollment data.
                              President Forgey advised the Board that he would be attending the TACC Presidents’ quarterly meeting July 8 – 11 in Galveston.
                              President Forgey introduced Dr. Jay Kinzer, TVCC Vice President of Student Affairs.
                              President Forgey reminded the Board that the next regularly scheduled Board meeting would be July 23th.
                          6. Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the minutes to the April 23, 2012 Board meeting minutes be approved.  Motion carried unanimously.
                          7.         Mr. Stone moved, seconded by Mr. Endres, the Board approve the business, financial and investment reports for April and May 2012.  Motion carried unanimously.
                          8. Mr. Monk moved, seconded by Mr. McGee, the Board approve the tax exemption request from the Terrell Odd Fellows.  Motion carried unanimously.
                          9. Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Monk, the Board approve the request from Hunt County to retain TVCC’s share of the remaining operating surplus of $2.37 to buy down the county’s unfunded pension liability.  Motion carried unanimously.
                        10. Mr. Norville moved, seconded by Mrs. Kimball, the Board approve a change in FBB (LOCAL) to provide tuition grants to spouses and dependent children of college employees who have been employed full-time after a minimum of 90 days of employment with the college. Motion carried unanimously.
                        11. Mr. Monk moved, seconded by Mr. McGee, the Board table action on the athletic insurance pending additional information.  Motion carried unanimously.
                        12. Mr. Monk moved, seconded by Mr. Stone, the Board approve TASB Legal Policies Update number 27 with changes, excluding the recommendation on CR (LOCAL) Technology Resources.  Motion carried unanimously.
                        13. Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the Board approve the college entering a “College for All” Memorandum of Understanding with the Athens Independent School District.  Motion carried unanimously.
                        14. There was no discussion or action on the college redistricting.
                        15. Mr. Endres moved, seconded by Mr. Stone, the Board approve purchase of a Carrier 35 ton, 4 compressor unit for South Hall.  Motion carried unanimously.
                        16. Mrs. Kimball moved, seconded by Mr. Stone, the Board go into closed session at 8:15 p.m. in accordance with Government Codes 551.082, 551.072, and 551.074. Motion carried unanimously.     
                        17. Mr. Endres moved, seconded by Mr. Day, the Board return from closed session at 9:13 p.m.
                        17.    Mr. McGee moved, seconded by Mr. Norville, the Board approve the following personnel actions:



  1. Retirements/Resignations:

(1) Courtney Simmons, Assistant Women’s BB Coach, Athens
(2) Jeremy Bonin, Coaching Assistant Women’s BB, Athens
(3) Joyce Williams, Custodian, Athens
(4) JoNell Brown, Custodian, Athens
(5) Eddie Keith Brown, Custodian, Athens
(6) Pat Smith, AD, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Athens
(7) Andre Bell, Coaching Assistant, Men’s BB, Athens
(8) John Floyd, Campus Police Officer, Athens
(9) Colleen Mays, Director of Grants and Special Projects
(10) Brandon Stephenson, Coaching Assistant, Volleyball
(11) Jana Morse, Administrative Assistant, Counseling Terrell
(12) Ashley Byrd, Part-Time Campus Security Officer
b.   New Hires:
(1) Robert Bernard, Electronics Instructor, TDCJ
(2) Kris Baumann, Head Men’s Basketball Coach/Associate Athletic Director, Athens
(3) Randy Hardee, Campus Police Officer, Athens
(4) Ruth Iverson, Coordinator, Skills Lab, KHSC
(5) Kirk Overmoe, Piano Professor, Athens
(6) Jay Kinzer, Vice President of Student Services
(7) Aaron Kallhoff, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
(8) Gerald Ewing, Coaching Assistant Women’s Basketball
(9) Trent Wolf, Coaching Assistant, Men’s Basketball
(10) David Raybin, Campus Police Officer, Athens
(11) Tiffany Carrizales, Campus Police Officer, Athens



  1. Reclassifications:


  1. Edward Smith, Transportation & Delivery Assistant
  2. Brad Smiley, Head Football Coach/Athletic Director
  3. Guy Furr, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Chair, Kinesiology Division (Mr. Furr was inadvertently omitted from the agenda)

e. Other as necessary
(1) Renewal of FY 2012-2013 faculty contracts
(2) Renewal of FY 2012-2013 administrative contracts (with the exception of the President’s contract to be considered at the August Board meeting.)
Motion carried unanimously.
18.   Dr. Risinger moved, seconded by Mr. Monk, to adjourn the meeting at 9:14 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.

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