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Purchasing Procedures

How to purchase new technology

purchasing procedures
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1.    Submit a ServiceDesk incident
Requester submits a ServiceDesk incident for products or services they need. If the requester has a particular item that they believe meets their needs, they should include the suggestion in the initial request.


2.    We'll get a quote
IT Purchasing, Media Support Services and Client Support Services (PC/LAN) work together to obtain a quote for the product or services that will best meet the requester's needs.


3.    Request for Purchase
IT Purchasing prepares a Request for Purchase and forwards it to the requester. If the request is to be paid out of the centralized CPIME account, the PO will contain the words “Centralized Equipment” in the title of the Request for Purchase. This will prompt the Business Office to transfer funds from the centralized CPIME account into the requester's 044 – equipment account.


4.    Purchase Approval   
Requester forwards the Request for Purchase to immediate supervisor. The RFP will be forwarded for approval until it reaches and is approved by the requester's VP. 

5.    Approval Given  
Requester’s VP forwards Request for Purchase to VP of IT Services for approval.


6.    If the Request for Purchase is under $2,500
VP of IT Services signs the Request for Purchase and forwards it to the Purchasing Agent.


     If the Request for Purchase is o ver $2,500
VP of IT Services signs the Request for Purchase and forwards it to President for approval. Once approved, the President forwards it to the Purchasing Agent.


7.    Create Purchase Order
The Purchasing Agent processes the Request for Purchase and forwards it to the Controller to approve the Purchase Order.


8.    Controller Approval
The Controller approves the request and forwards it to Accounts Payable to create the Purchase Order.


9.  Place Order
Accounts Payable sends both the Request for Purchase and Purchase Order to the IT Purchaser who places order for the item or items.





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