Types of Financial Aid

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Texas Reskilling Grant

Texas Reskilling Grant Opportunities


Get The Skills You NEED For The Workplace!

TVCC received over $300,000.00 from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for the Texas Reskilling Support Fund Grant Program. These last dollar* financial aid funds are available until midnight on July 24, 2022. *Last dollar financial aid funds will only be disbursed after all a student’s eligible financial aid has been disbursed.


Elligibility Requirements

Learn about the criteria students must meet to qualify for use of the Reskilling Grant funds.




Fill out your application for the Reskilling Grant to see if funds are available to aid you with tuition.

Books & Supplies Application

Students who have already qualified for Reskilling Grant aid can apply for a books/supplies scholarship.


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6/16/2022 11:25:09 AM