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Keeping Your Financial Aid

Keeping Your Financial Aid

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SAP Appeals

SAP Appeals


To keep getting financial aid every semester, students must be making progress in their program of study.  Students must also continually meet the following criteria:

1. 2.0 cumulative (overall) GPA
2. Must complete 67% of all attempted credit hours
3. Credit hours that do not exceed 150% of the minimum number of hours required to complete your program of study

Financial Aid Suspension is a status assigned to students who fail to meet the minimum SAP policy requirements. In this case, financial aid will be suspended until minimum standards are met or until a student’s appeal approved. Students are placed on suspension for failing to meet one or more of the above listed criteria. Students cannot receive financial aid while on suspension, and students will be responsible for all payment of tuition/fees without the assistance of financial aid.

!When submitting an appeal, please allow 2-6 weeks for review. If you are enrolled in an upcoming semester, you will need to arrange other payment to secure your classes. The Financial Aid Department can not guarantee that your appeal will be approved, nor can they guarantee that if approved your aid will be reinstated in time to cover your tuition costs. You can arrange payment through your My Cardinal Connect student portal; payment plans are available.

Students placed on financial aid suspension due to lack of SAP may appeal the denial of financial aid if they have DOCUMENTED EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES. Students must complete a SAP Appeal and submit it along with required documentation regarding his/her situation to the Financial Aid Office. All required documentation must be submitted with the appeal. Completed Appeals must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at least 4 weeks prior to the first day of the next term.   

If an appeal is approved for financial aid reinstatement, students will be placed on financial aid probation and will receive only one probationary period of financial aid. Students then must meet all three SAP requirements at the end of the semester to continue to receive financial aid. If students do not meet the terms of probation, eligibility for financial aid will cease, all remaining aid will be cancelled and SAP status will be updated to Appeal Terminated.  Once a student has been placed on Appeal Terminated, the only way to regain eligibility, is to make up the deficiencies that placed them on suspension to meet SAP requirements, while paying for their classes out of pocket. 

Fill out the “SAP Appeal” below and return it to the Financial Aid Office complete with any documentation you can provide to verify your circumstance.


The appeal for the 150% Max timeframe will only be considered for the student’s current primary program of study.  If the appeal is approved, students will be required to have a current degree audit on file and will only be allowed to take the reminding classes on that degree audit and receive continued financial aid.  The students must complete, sign, and return the 150% Max Timeframe Academic SAP contract.  Completed Appeals must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at least 4 weeks prior to the first day of the next term.  The student will be allowed financial aid for the remainder of the program as long as the guidelines of the Academic SAP contract are met.  Only current Trinity Valley students are eligible to apply for a 150% Maximum Timeframe appeal.  

Fill out the "SAP Appeal - Maximum Timeframe" form below.  You will need to meet with an Advisor to complete the degree audit portion of your appeal and provide signatures on both pages.  Return the completed appeal and any supporting documentation you can provide to verify your circumstances to the Financial Aid Office.


 Submit Forms


 Students are encouraged to read more about Satisfactory Academic Progress, but can also view a simplified flow chart of the process below.

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5/24/2023 12:47:35 PM