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Certifications and Awards

Certifications and Awards

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Welding OSA

Occupational Skills Awards (OSA) are locally approved sequences of courses designed to provide entry-level employment skills or industry certifications in an abbreviated timeframe. Continuing Education offers a non-credit pathway of mirrored courses for this OSA.


  • Degree Type: None awarded

  • No courses available online

  • Offered at the Athens campus

  • TSI: Not required

  • Capstone Course: Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 


The Welding OSA is designed for specific training in shielded metal arc GTAW or pipe welding. This program leads to the Welding Certificate. Students may enter the welding certificate during the spring or summer semester of each year. There are no special selection criteria for the welding certificate program.  Contact the Continuing Education Office at 903-675-6398 or email ContEd@tvcc.edu for more information.


 Term One Courses Required

Advanced topics based on accepted welding codes. Training provided with various electrodes in shielded metal arc welding processes with open V-groove joint in various positions. Lab Fee.

 Courses Required

Term Two Courses Required

Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)-  Advanced topics in GTAW welding, including welding in various positions and directions. Lab Fee.

Advanced Pipe Welding Advanced topics involving welding of pipe using the shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) process. Topics include electrode selection, equipment setup, and safe shop practices. Emphasis on weld positions 5G and 6G using various electrodes. Lab fee.


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6/14/2023 10:05:27 AM