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Certifications and Awards

Certifications and Awards

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Phlebotomy OSA

Phlebotomists draw blood for tests, transfusions, research, or blood donations. They provide assistance when patients have adverse reactions after their blood is drawn. Continuing Education offers a non-credit pathway of mirrored courses for this OSA.


  • Degree Type: None awarded 
  • Required courses may be available online
  • TSI: Not required
  • Offered at the Athens Campus


Recommended by the Medical/ Nursing Assistant Committee. This program is not designed to transfer. Contact the Continuing Education Office at 903-675-6212 or email for more information.


 Courses Required

Introduction to the relationship between legal aspects and ethics in health care, with emphasis on the ethical and legal responsibilities of health care professionals. Lab fee.

A basic study of the structures and functions of the human body. Lab fee.

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6/14/2023 10:04:49 AM