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Certifications and Awards

Certifications and Awards

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Entrepreneurship OSA

Occupational Skills Awards (OSA) are locally approved sequences of courses designed to provide entry-level employment skills or industry certifications in an abbreviated timeframe. Continuing Education offers a non-credit pathway of mirrored courses for this OSA


  • Degree Type: None awarded
  • Required courses may be available online
  • TSI: not required


Students successfully completing the Entrepreneurship Occupational Skills Award (OSA) will be eligible for the following industry certification exam:


  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification (ESB)


Students successfully completing the Entrepreneurship OSA are encouraged to pursue the Small Business Entrepreneurship Certificate. Contact the Continuing Education Office at 903-675-6212 or email ContEd@tvcc.edu for more information


Courses Required       

The course provides the student with foundational information about the U.S. legal system and dispute resolution, and their impact on business. The major content areas will include general principles of law, the relationship of business law and ethics, contracts, sales, torts, agency law, intellectual property, and business law in the global context.

An introduction to the marketing mix functions and process. Includes identification of consumer and organizational needs and explanation of environmental issues.

Introduction to Accounting - A study of analyzing, classifying, and recording business transactions in a manual and computerized environment. Emphasis on understanding the complete accounting cycle and preparing financial statements, bank reconciliations, and payroll.

Computerized Accounting Applications - Use of the computer to develop and maintain accounting records and to process common business applications for managerial decision-making.

Systems, procedures, and practices related to organizing and planning office work, supervising employee performance, and exercising leadership skills.


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