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Certifications and Awards

Certifications and Awards

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Computer Aided Drafting OSA

Occupational Skills Awards (OSA) are locally approved sequences of courses designed to provide entry-level employment skills or industry certifications in an abbreviated timeframe. Continuing Education offers a non-credit pathway of mirrored courses for this OSA.


  • Degree Type: None awarded

  • Required courses may be available online

  • TSI: not required

  • Drafting offered on the Athens campus


Students successfully completing the Computer-Aided Drafting OSA  are encouraged to pursue the Basic Drafting Certificate by completing three additional courses. Contact the Continuing Education office at (903)-675-6212 or email for more information.


Term One Courses Required

An introduction to reading, interpreting, and developing technical drawings, including the principles of drafting and computer-aided design. Lab fee.

An introduction to computer-aided drafting. Emphasis is placed on setup; creating and modifying geometry; storing and retrieving prede?ned shapes; placing, rotating, and scaling objects, adding text and dimensions, using layers, coordinate systems, and plot/ print to scale.

Term Two Courses Required

Parametric Modeling and DesignThis course is only offered at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice campus. Parametric-based design software for 3-D design and drafting. Lab fee.

Solid Modeling/ DesignA computer-aided modeling course. Development of three-dimensional drawings and models from engineering sketches and orthographic drawings and utilization of three- dimensional models in design work. Lab fee.


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6/14/2023 9:23:02 AM