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Housing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Housing


Housing FAQs

There are 5 residence halls on campus. West and South Halls are for females.  Northeast and Northwest Halls are for males. Cardinal Hall has both males (1st floor) and females (2nd and 3rd floors).

You must have been accepted for admission as a student to TVCC by submitting all required documentation and know your Cardinal ID and password, then you can complete the online room reservation (see bottom of page) and background check release form, pay the $225 deposit ($200 for the room; $25 non-refundable background check fee), and have a current (within the last 5 years) meningitis vaccine record on file. Each of these items must be received by the Housing Office before a reservation is official.

The deposit is refundable if a student cancels by the cancellation deadline listed below. The $200 room deposit for a current housing student will be mailed when the student indicates that he or she is not returning to the residence hall.  If a student moves off campus and remains enrolled, or moves out before the end of the semester, the deposit if forfeited. If the student owes TVCC any money for any reason, the amount owed will be deducted from the deposit.


The room reservation/damage deposit will be refunded when cancellation occurs before the following dates:

Summer I Semester-May 15; Summer II Semester-July 5; Fall Semester-August 15; Spring Semester-January 5

If cancellation occurs after these date, NO refund will be made.

Head over to your new TVCC student portal, My Cardinal Connect, and sign in using your Cardinal ID and  password combination (the same login information you used to apply for housing).  If this is your first time signing in, please contact our IT department at 903-675-6300 for assistance.

Once you sign in, click on “Student Finance”.

Click on “Make a Payment” on the right side of the page; Click “Continue to Payment Center”; Scroll to the bottom and click “I Agree”; Click the green “Make Payment” button; You will see a balance for 2021 Spring term. In the box to the right of the balance, clear the dollar amount and type $225 which is the amount of the $200 deposit and $25 background check fee; Click “Continue”, and follow the directions for credit card or checking account information. Please let me know when you get the deposit paid or if you have any questions.

Also, at the top right of the page after you log in, click on the username, and it will show options for User Profile; Emergency Information; View/Add Proxy Access; and Account Preferences.

In order for you to give another party access to your information at any time, you will need to give your parent, and anyone else, Proxy access so you can view your account. That can be done by Selecting a Proxy to add another user.

Please know that TVCC will provide classes online, remote schedule classes, and a few face to face classes. If this changes your mind about living on campus, please let us know by January 5, 2021.

Rooms contain two beds, two desks, two chairs, two dressers, closet, wireless access, extended basic cable (television needs to be equipped with a digital tuner to receive all channels).

Yes, however, roommate requests are not guaranteed. Student Athletes and performing group members may be assigned roommates by their coach or director.

No. Room costs are based on double occupancy, thereforee, single rooms are not offered.

Yes, all the residence halls at Trinity Valley have air-conditioning and heating.

You and your roommate are responsible for keeping your room clean.  Clean room inspections are conducted by the housing manager.

Yes. Meal plans are included in the room and board costs and cannot be separated.

Yes, but you must have a parking decal. Parking is only permitted in specific areas designated by your decal, and you will get a ticket if you are caught parking out of zone, and your car may be towed. Your first parking decal is free.  All other parking decals are $5.00 each.

No. As an adult in college, you are responsible for your actions, but our residence halls close at 11:00 pm for visitors.   It is a good idea to let your roommate know where you are going and when you'll be back, so you can be found if an emergency occurs. Also, your roommate can alert the staff if he or she becomes concerned about your return.

Yes. Visitation hours are from 12 noon to 11 pm daily. Visitors must be at least 18 years old. Overnight guests are not allowed without permission from your hall’s Housing Manager.

Yes.  There is wireless access throughout the campus.

Costs vary from year to year.  Check the TVCC Housing website,call the Housing Office at (903) 675-6220 or (903) 675-6256, or email the Housing Office for more information. 

Each housing resident should pick up mail from their Housing Manager. It is important to address mail correctly to insure timely receipt of campus mail.

Student Name

Name of Residence Hall – Room Number

100 Cardinal Drive

Athens, TX 75751


 Housing Application

You must be a fully accepted TVCC student to apply for on campus housing. You will need your Cardinal ID and password combination to fill out the electronic application.

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11/9/2020 11:35:42 AM