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Becky Myers Alambar, Class of '91, was a former Cardette and was a member of Student Senate.  She is married to Bert Alambar and they have been married ten years. They have two children, Brody and Brittany.  She has a photography studio in Krum, Texas.

Darin Broady, Class of '99, graduated from TVCC with an AAS degree in criminal justice and cheered at TVCC, before transferring to OSU and continuing to cheer there.  He is now a police officer in Sellersburg, Indiana.  He is also in the Army Reserve and served 10 months in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Meredith Brown Braaten, Class of '96, was a Cardette while attending TVCC.  She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 1998.  She married in 2003 and teaches second grade in Frisco, Texas.

Amy Aune Chisum, Class of '96-'98, was captain of the Cardettes in '98 and graduated that same year.  She graduated from NWOSU in December of 2001 with a BA in Sociology.  She and her husband, Robert, were married in July of 2002 in Jamaica and now live in Fort Worth with their two Boston Terriers.

Mark Brown, Class of '93, lives in Carthage, Texas.  His address is 110 Bird Drive, 75633.  He coaches and teaches at Marshall High School.

Patrick Cowherd, Class of '93, was a member of the TVCC cheerleading squad.  He is co-founder and owner of Dreamquest Cheer & Dance Training Center in Fishers, IN.  He has a son, Zachary.

Troy Cox, Class of '97-'98, was the Horticulture Club president and a member of PTK.  He is Propagation Manager and Color Grower at Creekside Nursery in Hempstead, Texas.

Daryl Davis, Class of '91-'93, graduated from Dallas Institute of Funeral Service in 2001.  He passed the State Board of Funeral Service in February of this year. He will be married in May of this year.  He is currently funeral director and operations manager for Gregory W. Spencer Funeral Directors, Inc. in Fort Worth.

Tracey Ellis, Class of '82-'83-'00, received her LVN diploma in '83 and her ADN degree in 2000.  She was a member of the Student Nurses Association and PTK.  She is the Clinical Manager in the Traumatic Brain Injury section of the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation.

Kathy Guilhas, Class of '95, now has her Masters in Counseling from TAMU-Commerce.  She is currently the Area Director for Lutheran Social Services in Tyler, Texas.  She serves 16 families and has 40 children under her care.  She stated that she got her start at TVCC and loved it while she was here.  She worked for Coach Pippin the year TVCC won the championship.

Tim Gundlach, Class of '90, was a Cardette escort for Mrs. Baker.  After leaving TVCC he joined the USAF and found himself in the middle of Desert Storm.  After the war, he went to work for a Belgian based company called ABX Logistics.  He started at the bottom and worked his way up the ladder to his present position of Sales Manager.  He has traveled all over the world and hopes to be running one of the company offices in either Europe or Australia within the next several years.

Ricky Honea, Class of 1993, was a manager for the 1991 conference co-championship Cardinal football team.  He is married with three children, two boys and a girl.  He lives in Palestine, Texas.

Yvonne Ruiz Hughes, Class of '95-'97, was a member of the Cardettes.  She received a Master's Degree from the University of Texas at Dallas in December of 2002.  She is a speech language pathologist.  She married in February of this year.

Travis Johnson, Class of '93, who was a member of Student Senate, Theater and was a Cardette Escort, has recently received his master's degree from Amberton University.  He is working for Broadlane, Inc. as a contracting executive. He is married and has two children, Lacie Mae and Luke Duane.

Roxie Grissom-Jackson, Class of '93-'97, is Business Manager for Westwood ISD.  She will graduate with a BBA degree in May, 2003 from Dallas Baptist University.  Her son, Marcus Brett Jackson is attending TVCC at the present time and is on the Cardinal football team.

James Lawson, lives in Freeport, Texas.  His address is 703 West 4th Street, Freeport, TX  77541.

Kari Stephens Long, Class of '97-'98, graduated from UT Tyler and teaches 2nd grade in Eustace, Texas.  She was married in June of 2001.

Stephen Magee, Class of '98, who was Student Senate Freshman Exec. during the '96-'97 year, Senate Vice President, Cardette Escort in '97-'98 and received the President's Award, graduated from Texas A& M in 2000.  He has been employed at TVCC as the Assistant Registrar and School Relations Officer for the past four years, is now working for Elder Dodge in Athens. 

Henry McClendon, Class of 1994, is serving our country in Kuwait.  He is a Captain in the Army and is currently deployed to support Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He has been away from the states for some time and does not know when he will return.  He lives in Japan with his wife and two children.  He welcomes all e-mails.

Michael Pierce, Class of '97, was a member of the Cardinal Regiment and the TVCC Choir.  He now lives in Mesquite, Texas.

Roderick Shelby, Class of '94, was a member of the 1994 National Champion Cardinal Football team.  His address is P. O. Box 4151, Shreveport, LA  71134.

Mindi Ellison Siegley, Class of '93-'95, was a cheerleader while at TVCC.  She is currently a pharmaceutical sales representative, married and has a 3 year old son, Colby.

Donna Jenkins Simmons, Class of '91-'93, was a member of the Cardettes and graduated with Honors.  She is married to Larry Simmons, a former TVCC football player.  They have 2 daughters.  She is teaching the third grade form Dallas ISD.

Bryon Skaggs, Class of '98, is a Social Studies teacher at Carlisle High School in East Texas.  He may be reached at 903-852-7396 or e-mail at

Jimmy Smith, Class of '99, who attended TVCC on a cheerleading scholarship and later transferred to OSU to cheer there, died in September of 2000. 

Donna Flowers Teague, Class of '92, was a Cardette.  She is married and has two children.  She lives in Rowlett and works as a legal assistant for a Dallas law firm.

Todd West, Class of '92, was a member of Student Senate.  He is employed with U-Haul Co. of Dallas and was promoted to Marketing Company President in July of 2002.

Cynthia Wiley, Class of '97, was a member of the Cardinal Regiment, Color Guard and Student Senate.  She was runner up for Cardinal Beauty.

Ashley Williams, Class of '97, was a Cardette and has moved from Texas to California.  She works for Lon Beach Mortgage as an accounts manager.



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