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How to Read a Degree Plan

A detailed explanation of what the information on your degree plan reflects.


How to Read Your TVCC Degree Plan:

TVCC Degree Plan Example

Your major is your degree pathway.  While TVCC only offers the Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science, and certificate courses, your pathway within each of these will differ depending on your educational and career goals.

A student is typically under the Catalog Year in which they began their studies at TVCC.  Once you begin, you are given five years to complete your degree plan  under that year’s catalog requirements.

Your degree type will be one of the following:

            AA—Associate of Arts            AAS—Associate of Applied Science            CER—Certificate

Keep in mind that this is a broader picture of the degree you are seeking; there are many degree pathways     (majors) for each degree type.  Two degree plans may both be AA’s and appear very different based on the needs of your pathway.

This number measures the number of credit hours you have completed.  Please be aware that hours in progress are NOT accounted for.

This number is your current cumulative GPA.  Keep in mind that if you have transfer credits, this number may not be entirely accurate as it typically calculates only TVCC credits.

This line refers to your TSI status.  It will usually either have students marked as complete, or list the developmental courses required by the student for TSI completion.  If you are not TSI complete, you may notice some of your courses listed have an asterisk, ie: *ENGL1301.  This just means you can’t begin that course until you reach completion in that area.

These courses listed are those required by the institution's CORE CURRICULUM.  All of these must be taken to meet graduation requirements.  What order you take them in or how many you take each semester, is up to you.  It is not necessary to complete them in the order listed, nor all listed for a specific semester at once.  Courses with a line through them and a letter grade beside, denote courses already completed:   

This portion lists how many elective hours you will require in addition to your CORE.  Some plans will have a list of electives that are best suggested for your pathway, typically electives pertaining to your chosen degree.  Others, such as the liberal arts, are generally not particular on elective hours.  Be sure to check the catalog for any courses that will not work as an elective according to your pathway.

The “COAR LIST” here is built into your plan as a list of options to satisfy your CORE AREA REQUIREMENT.  In the example you will notice that in the column above the COAR LIST, (the first column marked #7) lists “COAR 6HRS” as part of the CORE CIRRICULUM.  This simply means you will need to satisfy 6 credit hours from the COAR LIST to satisfy this portion of the CORE CIRRICULUM. 

****Be aware that not all degree plans will have this requirement.


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4/26/2024 2:48:57 PM