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Current Student Registration

Current Student Registration

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30 - Hour Advising

This hold usually means you are halfway on your journey to completion with TVCC.


30 - Hour Advising

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Seeing a strange new hold on your My Cardinal Connect? This hold isn't a bad one; it typically means your making great progress!  TVCC requires students to visit with an advisor at 30 hour intervals.  Typically, 30 credit hours marks halfway to completion of your pathway.  Meeting with an advisor at the 30 credit hour mark ensures that you are staying on track for graduation.  Your advisor will help you complete an audit of your pathway so you can progress knowing exactly what courses you have left to tackle.  After this meeting you'll have a recipe for success, and a better understanding of when you should apply for graduation.


Where can I check to see these holds?

From your My Cardinal Connect student portal, these holds should appear within the "Student Planning" menu.  Alerts are in the top right hand corner of your portal, and might be red or yellow.


What can I do once I have this hold to clear it and get registered?

Visit with an advisor to complete a degree audit of your pathway.  This will clear the hold on your account so that you are once again eligible to register. You shouldn't see another hold unless you reach more than 60 hours with TVCC.

Meet with an Advisor


Can I do something to get rid of the hold before it is time to register?

Absolutely!  If you see that you have reached 30 credit hours, you can visit with an advisor before the registration period even opens. That way nothing will snag you up when the time comes for you to build that next semester schedule.


I am seeing this hold and I have more than 30 hours?

This hold kicks in at intervals of 30, as they are completed.  So if you had an amount of hours under 30 before the semester started, and once it completes you have more than 30 hours, the hold will kick in upon the semesters completion.

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4/26/2024 2:49:35 PM