Trinity Valley Community College


Trinity Valley Cheer Team

Khris Franklin
Head Coach

100 Cardinal Dr.
Athens, TX 75751

Phone: (903) 675-6353
Fax: (903) 675-6380

Skill Requirements
Posted: 4/22/2014 8:59:05 AM
Recommended skill sets for Cardinal Cheer

Guys that stunt and don’t tumble- Rewinds, full ups, front handspring ups, and toss 1 arm skills with variety of girls.
Guys that tumble and don’t stunt- Jumps 1-full, standing 2 to whip full, trick through to whip full, standing full.
Guys that do both-  Standing 2 to full,  running Full, toss extended skills with double down dismounts.
Girls that fly but don’t tumble much- Rewinds, Full ups, Front Handspring ups, and Toss 1 arm skills with variety of guys.  Jumps to back and jumps to back handspring back.
Girls that tumble and don’t fly- Jumps 2 to full, trick through to full, jumps to back, jumps 1 to full.
Girls that do both- Full ups, multiple body position double downs, running full, standing 2 to full, jumps to back and handspring back.
These are suggested skills, they do not guarantee a spot on the team.  Extreme talent in 1 area can make up for lacking skills in other areas.  Our top girls and guys can do inversion ups skills, full ups, standing 2 to whip fulls, and trick through  to whip fulls.