It is easy to get technology help from the TVCC HelpDesk.  There are several ways to contact the TVCC HelpDesk to get assistance.  Each is detailed below.

Live Support

Just click on the Live Support button to start a chat session with real people.  

Email the Help Desk

It is easy to get technology help from the TVCC HelpDesk.

Emailing the HelpDesk is a great way to get technical assistance.  Send email anytime from anyplace to  During business hours, HelpDesk staff constantly monitor the Help Desk email account and will quickly reply to you with the information you requested.  If you are reporting a technical problem with a TVCC-owned machine that cannot be resolved via email, the HelpDesk staff will log a problem ticket and a service technician will contact you to make arrangements to resolve the problem.  Emails sent after business hours will be addressed the next business day. 

Call the HelpDesk

Technical support is only a phone call away.  Call the TVCC HelpDesk for quick answers to your technology questions.  If the problem cannot be easily resolved a trouble ticket will be created and a technician will contact you when a resolution to your problem is available.

During HelpDesk business hours the HelpDesk staff can be reached by calling 903-675-6300.

Come by the HelpDesk Office

To expedite your request call 903-675-6300 and schedule an appointment before dropping by the HelpDesk to talk with a technician.

The IT Services HelpDesk is located upstairs in the Ginger Murchison Learning Resource Center in Room LRC 221. Stop by to ask a quick question, report a problem, or get technical assistance.  Full time or par time Instructors can bring their laptop by for assistance in getting their wireless connection working or have other issues they would like help with. Note that some issues may require scheduling. If you have questions contact the HelpDesk staff during hours by calling 903-675-6300.