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Faculty Positions
Posted: 12/2/2015 1:48:05 PM

Academic Faculty, Art

Academic Faculty, Art Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Biology Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Chemistry Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, Director, Choral Music

Academic Faculty, Communications Coordinato

Academic Faculty, Athens, Communications Photographer

Academic Faculty, Developmental Math Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Developmental Reading Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Developmental Writing Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Education Coordinator

Academic Faculty, English

Academic Faculty, English Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, English/Developmental Studies

Academic Faculty, Foreign Language Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, Government

Academic Faculty, Government Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, Government, Technical-Vocational Faculty, Athens, Legal Assistant, Criminal Justice

Academic Faculty, Athens, TDCJ, Government

Academic Faculty, Athens, Head of Performance Studies, Theatre

Academic Faculty, Athens, Head of Theatrical Design, Theatre

Academic Faculty, Athens, History

Academic Faculty, History Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, TDCJ, History

Academic Faculty, Humanities Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, Mathematics

Academic Faculty, Mathematics Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, Media

Academic Faculty, Athens, Music

Academic Faculty, Athens, Music Department Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, Music, Piano

Academic Faculty, Physics Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, Physical Science

Academic Faculty, Athens, Psychology

Academic Faculty, Athens, Reading and Writing/Developmental Studies

Academic Faculty, Sociology Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, Spanish

Academic Faculty, Athens, Speech

Academic Faculty, Speech Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Theatre Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Athens, Palestine, Biology

Academic Faculty, Athens, Terrell, English

Academic Faculty, Athens, Terrell, Mathematics

Academic Faculty, Palestine

Academic Faculty, Palestine, Biology

Academic Faculty, Palestine, Chemistry

Academic Faculty, Palestine, Developmental Math

Academic Faculty, Palestine, English

Academic Faculty, Palestine, Math

Academic Faculty, Palestine, Political Science/History

Academic Faculty, Palestine, Psychology

Academic Faculty, Psychology Coordinator

Academic Faculty, Studio Art

Academic Faculty, Terrell

Academic Faculty, Terrell, Biology

Academic Faculty, Terrell, English/Developmental Reading & Writing

Academic Faculty, Terrell, History/Sociology

Academic Faculty, Terrell, Mathematics

Academic Faculty, Terrell, Speech

Academic/Workforce Education Faculty, Athens, Terrell, Economics

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Campus Coordinator/Instructor, Vocational Nursing Program

Cardette Choreographer/Recruiter

Cheerleader Coach/Academic Instructor

Coordinator of Health Science Center Skills Laboratory

Coordinator/Instructor, Patient Care Technology Programs

Coordinator/Instructor, Surgical Technology Program

Defensive Coordinator/Kinesiology Professor

Developmental Studies Faculty/Language Lab Coordinator

Director of Bands

Director of Cardettes

Director of Quality Enhancement Plan

Division Chairperson, Career & Technology

Division Chairperson, College Readiness

Division Chairperson, Fine Arts

Division Chairperson, Kinesiology

Division Chairperson, Language Arts

Division Chairperson, Science and Mathematics

Division Chairperson, Social Sciences

Division Chairperson, Business & Computer Science

Head Athletic Trainer/Kinesiology Instructor

Head Football Coach

Head Men's Basketball Coach

Head Softball Coach

Head Volleyball Coach

Head Women's Basketball Coach

Honors Program Director

Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing Program

Instructor, Emergency Medical Services Program

Instructor and Simulation Lab Coordinator for Associate Degree Nursing Program

Instructor, Vocational Nursing Program

Marching Band Director

Medical Nursing Assistant Faculty

Offensive Coordinator/Kinesiology Professor

Program Director/Clinical Coordinator, Emergency Medical Service Program

Technical Vocational Faculty, Athens, Agriculture Professor/Head Rodeo Coach

Technical Vocational Faculty, Athens, Business Technology

 Technical-Vocational Faculty, Athens, Drafting

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Athens, Early Childhood

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Athens, Nail Technology

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Athens, Welding

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Athens, Palestine, Terrell

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Athens, Palestine, Terrell, Computer Science

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Athens, Cosmetology

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Palestine, Cosmetology

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Athens, Palestine, Terrell

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Auto Body Repair

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Automotive Technology Instructor - C.E.

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Computer Information Technology

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Construction Carpentry

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Continuing Education, Business Computer Information Technology

Technical -Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Drafting

Technical-Vocational Faculty,TDCJ, Electrical Technology Instructor

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Electronics Instructor

-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Horticulture

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Interior Trim/Cabinet Making

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Masonry, Bricklaying

Technical-Vocational Faculty, TDCJ, Welding

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Terrell, Cosmetology

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Terrell, Fire Science

Technical-Vocational Faculty, Welding

Vocal Instructor, Music Department, Athens

Workforce Education Faculty, Accounting

 Workforce Education Faculty, Athens, Business

Workforce Education Faculty, Athens, Business Technology

Workforce Education Faculty, Athens, Computer Science

Workforce Education Coordinator/Faculty, Athens, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Workforce Education Faculty, Athens, Mechanical Engineering Technology