Trinity Valley Community College


TVCC Online Courses Currently Available
Posted: 2/8/2016 4:54:24 PM
View a listing of all available online courses that are taught by TVCC faculty. NOTE: They may not be offered every semester.

ACCT2401 Financial Accounting
ACCT2402 Managerial Accounting
ACNT1303 Intro Accounting
ACNT1311 Intro Compute Acct
ACNT1313 Computerized Acct
ACNT2332 Acct Info Systems
ACNT2382 Cooperative Education-Accounting Technician
AGRI2317 Ag Economics
ARTS1301 Art Appreciation
BCIS1305 Business Computer Applications
BCIS2390 System Analysis & Design
BIOL1322 Nutrition & Diet
BMGT1301 Supervision
BMGT1325 Office Management
BMGT1327 Principles of Management
BMGT1341 Business Ethics
BMGT2368 Practicum Seminar
BUSG1301 Business Principle
BUSG1304 Intro to Financial Advising
BUSG2309 Small Business Management
BUSI1305 Business Comp Applications
BUSI2301 Business Law
CDEC1358 Creative Arts
CDEC1413 Curriculum Resources
CDEC1421 Infant/Toddler
CDEC1456 Emergent Literacy
CDEC1459 Children with Special Needs
CDEC2307 Math & Science Child
CDEC2315 Diverse Cultural/Multilingual Education
CDEC2441 School Age Child
CHEM1405 Intro Chemistry I
CHEM1411 General Chemistry I
CHEM1412 General Chemistry II
COSC1309 Logic and Design
COSC1336 Programming Fundamental I
COSC1337 Programming Fundamental II
COSC2320 C++ Programming
COSC2336 Programming Fundamental III
CJCR1304 Probation and Parole
CRIJ1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIJ1306 Court & Criminal Procedures
CRIJ1307 Crime in America
CRIJ1310 Fundamentals of Criminal Law
CRIJ1313 Juvenile Justice
CRIJ2313 Correctional Systems & Practices
CRIJ2314 Criminal Investigation
CRIJ2323 Legal Aspects
CRIJ2328 Police Systems & Practices
DEVL0309 Developmental Mathematics II (Contact to determine pre-requisites)
DRAM1310 Theatre Appreciation
ECON2301 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON2302 Principles of Microeconomics
EDUC1325 Principles of Multicultural Education
ENGL1301 Composition & Rhetoric
ENGL1302 Composition & Literature
ENGL2322 Survey of British Literature I
ENGL2311 Technical Writing
ENGL2323 Survey of British Literature II
ENGL2326 Survey of American Literature
ENGL2332 Survey of World Literature I 
ENGL2333 Survey of World Literature II
GEOG1301 Principles of Geography
GEOG1303 World Geography
GOVT2301 American & Texas Constitution
GOVT2302 American & Texas Government
GOVT2305 Federal Government
GOVT2306 Texas Government
HECO1322 Nutrition & Diet
HIST1301 History - US to 1877
HIST1302 History - US from 1877
HIST2301 History of Texas
HIST2311 History of Western Civilization I
HIST2312 History of Western Civilization II
HMSY1337 Introduction to Homeland Security
HRPO2301 Human Resource Management
HRPO2307 Organizational Behavior
HUMA1301 Introduction to Humanities
IMED1316 Web Page Design I
IMED2309 Internet Commerce
ITNW1325 Fundamental Network Tech
ITNW1351 Fundamental Wireless LANs
ITSC1301 Introduction to Computer Science
ITSC1305 Introduction to PC Operating Systems
ITSC1309 Software Application
ITSC1325 Personal Computer Hardware
ITSE1311 Beginning Web Programming
ITSE1332 Internet Vis Basic.NET
ITSE2413 Web Authoring
ITSW1304 Introduction to Spread Sheet
ITSW1307 Introduction to Database
ITSW1310 Presentation Graphics
KINE1346 Substance Use Abuse
LGLA1307 Law and Legal Professions
LGLA1355 Family Law
LGLA2303 Tort & Injury Law
LGLA2313 Criminal Law and Procedure
LGLA2305 Interviewing and Investigating
MATH1314 College Algebra
MATH1342 Introduction to Statistics
MDCA1313 Medical Terminology
MRKG1311 Principles of Marketing
MRKG2349 Sales Promotion & Advertising
MUSI1306 Music Appreciation
PHIL1316 Survey of Old Testament
PHIL1317 Survey of New Testament
PHYS1415 Physical Science I
PHYS1417 Intro to Physical Science
POFI2401 Word Processing
POFI2431 Desktop Publishing
POFI2440 Advanced Word Processing
POFT1127 Introduction to Keyboard
POFT1301 Business English
POFT1321 Business Math
POFT1409 Administrative Office Pro I
POFT1429 Basic Keyboarding
POFT2401 Intermediate Keyboarding
PSYC1300 Learning Frameworks (Contact to determine pre-requisites)
PSYC2301 General Psychology
PSYC2314 Human Growth & Development
RNSG1311 Pathophysiology
SOCI1301 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI1306 Cont Social Problems
SOCI2301 Marriage & Family
SPAN1411 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1412 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2311 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN2312 Intermediate Spanish II
SPCH1311 Fundamentals of Speech
SPCH1315 Public Speaking
TECA1303 Family & Community
TECA1311 Educating the Young Chiled
TECA1318 Well Young Child
TECA1354 Child Growth & Development