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Courses Offered

Theory I & II
Provides training in the study of key signatures, diatonic triads and seventh chords, chord progressions, part-writing, basic form, and non-harmonic tones.

Sight Singing & Ear Training I & II
Provides training in reading and singing scales, intervals, and melodies in treble and bass clefs. Intervallic recognition and rhythmic dictation is included.

Theory III & IV
Provides training in analysis and use of more complex harmonies and structures of music, including modulation, secondary dominant and diminished chords, and mode mixture. Also included are forms of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, augmented sixth chords, extended chords, impressionism, and 20th century practices, including 12-tone music.

Sight Singing & Ear Training III & IV
Provides training in advanced reading of more complex rhythms as well as chromatic and modulating melodies. Melodic and harmonic dictation is included.