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The key to transforming lives through affordable and accessible education is TVCC's ability to provide a quality education, innovative programs, and purpose for our students, employees and communities.

This page includes the current Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for student success and associated targets to help steer decisions made by the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) team to meet the college's enrollment goals.

Fall 2021 Demographics & Statistics


Enrollment by Diversity

Enrollment by Gender

International Students

Enrollment by Residency

Students Enrolled in Dual Credit 2018

Students Enrolled in Dual Credit 2019

Students Enrolled in Dual Credit 2020

Enrollment by Age

Enrollment by Student Load

Enrollment by Class

Enrollment by Type

Graduation and Student Success

Graduation Rate: 3, 4, and 6-Year

Completions by Gender

Completions by Ethnicity

Degrees and Certificates by Award

Completions among Econ. Disadvantaged Students by Award

Cost and Reward

Tuition and Fees for 30 Semester Credit Hours

Working or Enrolled in Texas within One Year after Award

Credit Hour Performance

Percent of State-funded Attempted Credit Hours Completed

Annual Contact Hours for Continuing Education Students

Annual Contact Hours for Credit Enrollment Students