Strategic Plan

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In 2014, the strategic planning committee began to research and to compile a new five-year strategic plan instead of using a four-year plan so that TVCC is consistent with the unique history and needs of the College, as well as the statewide strategic plan for colleges and universities known as 60x30TX. The state plan carries through to 2030 while the College plan ends in 2020.
The College plan identifies three overarching goals:
  • Enhance the Student, including Student Engagement, Student Success, Academic Success, Workforce Success, and Learning Resources
  • Enhance the College, including Business Operations, Finance, Facilities, Technology, Human Resources, and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Enhance Communities, including Institutional Advancement, Outreach, and Community Service
The goals flow from TVCC's Mission Statement:
Trinity Valley Community College is a learning-centered college that provides quality academic, workforce, college preparatory, student support, and community service programs that prepare and empower students for success and promote and enhance life-long learning for all communities served.

The TVCC organization and community is collectively responsible for institutional success. However, for the purposes of this strategic plan, the departments, divisions, or offices are referred to as stakeholders or reporting units which are derived from the current organizational structure of the college. Stakeholders and reporting units have created the strategic plan action area outcomes listed in this document and will also be responsible for learning enhancement annual plans (LEAPs) or administrative outcomes (AOs) that support achieving desired action area outcomes. These outcomes are our desired commitment to organizational improvement and dedication to student success. The College’s mission statement, values, core curriculum, and general education philosophy guide annual outcome creation.
The organizational chart may modify some stakeholder responsibilities during the 2015-2020 planning and reporting period. Any resulting changes to this section will be included in the document’s list of revisions in Appendix D.