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CS - Systems Admin - OSA

OSAs prepare students for information tehcnology jobs and prepare students for capston industry certification exams.

Systems Admin OSA - Microsoft Certification (9 Semester credit hour)

Windows server courses prepare students for tasks usch as installation and configuration, role and feature configuration, Hyper-V configuration, core network services, Active Directory administration, Group Policy management, Active Directory Management, Group Policy configuration, file servers management, DNS configuration, routing and remote access ocnfiguration, and deployment management.

Professional  certifications  from  CompTIA  and  Microsoft  are  a  world-recognized  information  technology  credentials  sought  by  IT  professionals  and  are  often  specified  as  required  by  companies    seeking    qualified    new    hire    candidates.    Visit www.comptia.organd/or more information.

Recommended Course Sequence:

Degree Type - CERT

All required courses available online
ITSC, ITNW, ITSY, ITMT, ITSE courses are offered only online

TSI  Not Required


Semester One Credit Hour
*ITMT 1305 Configuring Advanced Windows Server Operating System 3
*ITNW 1308 Implementing a Supporting Client Operating System 3
*ITMT 1357 Administering a Windows Server Operating System 3
*ITNW 2356 Designing a Network Directory Infrastructure 3
  SCH 12


*Capstone courses in preparation for industry certification exams listed below.

ITMT 1305 Microsoft 70-742 exam
ITNW 1308 Microsoft 70-697 exam
ITMT 1357 Microsoft 70-740 exam
ITNW 2356 Microsoft 70-741 exam

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5/1/2019 10:28:24 AM