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CS - Networking & Information Security- OSA

Networking & Information Security OSA


OSAs preapre students for information technology jobs and preapare students for capstone industry certification exam.

Networking & Information Security OSA - Network+ Certification & Security+ Certification(12 credit hour)

This OSA prepare students for information technology jobs and feature capstone CompTIA or Microsoft certification exams. Professional certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft are a world-recognized information technology credentials sought by IT professionals and are often specified as required by companies seeking qualified new hire candidates. Visit for more information.

Recommended Course Sequence:

Degree Type - None Awarded All required courses available online
ITSC, ITNW, ITSY, ITMT, ITSE courses are offered only online
TSI  Not Required

PC Fundamentals OSA - A+ Certification

Semester One Credit Hour
*ITNW 1358 Network + 3
*ITNW 1325 Fund. Of Networking Technologies 3
*ITSY 1300 FUnd. of Information Technology 3
*ITSY 1342 Information Technology 3
  SCH 12

*Capstone courses in preparation for industry certificiation exams listed below.

ITNW 1325 & 1358 CompTIA Network + exam
ITSY 1300 & 1342 CompTIA Security + exam

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5/1/2019 10:23:17 AM