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BAM- Business Administration AA

Business Administration AA Degree, Liberal Arts Major


Completion of an Associate of Arts Liberal Arts Degree with an emphasis in Business Administration provides a solid foundation to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, or General Business. Potential career paths for students pursuing a Business Administration degree include first line supervisors, managers, marketing strategists, fundraisers, and chief executives.


Recommended Course Sequence:

Degree Type - AA All required courses available online
TSI Required
First Semester Credit Hours
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
EDUC/PSYC 1300 Learning Frameworks 3
**ACCT 2401 Principle of Financial Accounting 4
**ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
MATH 1324 Math for Business 3
   SCH 16
Second Semester Credit Hours
ENGL 1302 Composition II 3
HIST 1301 U.S. History I 3
**ACCT 2402 Principles of Managerial Accounting 4
**ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics 3
**BCIS 1305 Business Computer Applications 3
  SCH 16
Third Semester Credit Hours
GOVT 2305 U.S. Government & Constitution 3
HIST 1302 U.S. History II 3
**SPCH 1321 Business/Professional Comm 3
Life & Physical Science 4
  SCH 13
Fourth Semester Credit Hours
GOVT 2306 Texas Government & Constitution 3
Creative Arts 3
Life & Physical Science 4
Language, Philosophy, & Culture 3
*Suggested Pathway Elective 2
  SCH 15
Total Hours 60


F = Taught fall; S = taught spring; F/S = taught fall & spring

**MATH 1325 Calculus for Business (F/S)
BUSI 1301 Business Principles (F/S)
BUSI 2301 Business Law (F/S)
MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods (F/S)


**The completion of bolded courses indicates full transferability as a Business Field of Study to Texas public Colleges and Universities. See advisor at transferring college or university for details.
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8/28/2019 10:55:19 AM