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The Office Technology programs offered through Trinity Valley Community College prepares students to work in office environment performing and coordinating an office’s administrative activities and storing, retrieving, and integrating information for dissemination to staff and clients. Emphasis is placed on a hands-on approach to instruction in computer applications.  In addition, other business skills such as business communications and principles of management prepare the student for real-world environments. 

According to the most recent U. S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook, the overall employment of secretaries and administrative assistants is expected to grow 12 percent from 2010 to 2020. The following video provides information on Office Assistant careers. This video was produced by the Texas Genuine project whose Web site provides information on all workforce careers available in the State of Texas. 


BMGT 1325.  Office Management. (3-3-0)

Systems, procedures, and practices related to organizing and planning office work, supervising employee performance, and exercising leadership skills.

BUSG 1301. Introduction to Business. (3-3-0)

Fundamental business principles including structure, functions, resources, and operational processes.

BUSG 1304. Financial Literacy (formerly known as Introduction to Financial Advising)  (3-3-0)

A study of the financial principles when managing financial affairs. Includes topics such as budgeting, retirement, property ownership, savings, and investment planning.

BUSG X366.  Practicum (or Field Experience) - Business/Commerce. 1366 (3-1-20), 2366 (3-1-20).

Practical, general workplace training supported by an individualized learning plan developed by the employer, college, and student.

BUSI 1301 Business Principles. (3-3-0)

This course provides a survey of economic systems, forms of business ownership, and considerations for running a business. Students will learn various aspects of business, management, and leadership functions; organizational considerations; and decision-making processes. Financial topics are introduced, including accounting, money and banking, and securities markets. Also included are discussions of business challenges in the legal and regulatory environment, business ethics, social responsibility, and international business. Emphasized is the dynamic role of business in everyday life.

BUSI 2301. Business Law. (3-3-0)

The course provides the student with foundational information about the U.S. legal system and dispute resolution, and their impact on business. The major content areas will include general principles of law, the relationship of business and the U.S. Constitution, state and federal legal systems, the relationship between law and ethics, contracts, sales, torts, agency law, intellectual property, and business law in the global context.

POFI 2301. Word Processing. (3-2-4)

Prerequisite: Keyboarding skill of 40 gross words per minute or division chairperson approval.

Word processing software focusing on business applications. This course is designed to be repeated multiple times to improve student proficiency. Lab fee.

POFI 2331. Desktop Publishing. (3-2-4)

In-depth coverage of desktop publishing terminology, text editing, and use of design principles. Emphasis on layout techniques, graphics, multiple page displays, and business applications. This course is designed to be repeated multiple times to improve student proficiency. Lab fee.

POFI 2340. Advanced Word Processing. (3-2-4)

Prerequisite: POFI 2301.

Advanced word processing techniques using merging, macros, graphics, and desktop publishing. Includes extensive formatting for technical documents. This course is designed to be repeated multiple times to improve student proficiency. Lab fee.

POFT 1127. Introduction to Keyboarding. (1-0-3)

Skill development in keyboarding techniques. Emphasis on the development of speed and accuracy. Lab fee.

POFT 1220. Job Search Skills (1-1-1-0)

This is a lecture & lab course. Students must enroll in each course. Course is a hybrid. Student must have computer and internet access. This course includes skills to seek and obtain employment in: resume preparination, interviewing skills, job search, retaining employement. This course may be scheduled to meet only 4 times a semester. Lab

POFT 1301. Business English. (3-3-0)

Introduction to a practical application of basic language usage skills with emphasis on fundamentals of writing and editing for business.

POFT 1309. Administrative Office Procedures I. (3-2-4)

Study of current office procedures, duties, and responsibilities applicable to an office environment. Lab fee.

POFT 1321. Business Math. (3-3-0)

Fundamentals of business mathematics including analytical and critical thinking skills.

POFT 1429. Beginning Keyboarding. (4-3-3)

Skill development in keyboarding techniques. Emphasis on development of acceptable speed and accuracy levels and formatting basic documents. Lab fee.

POFT 2312. Business Correspondence and Communication. (3-3-0)

Development of writing and presentation skills to produce effective business communications.

POFT 2401. Intermediate Keyboarding. (4-2-4)

Prerequisite: Keyboarding POFT 1429 or equivalent skills and knowledge of word software.

 A continuation of keyboarding skills emphasizing acceptable speed and accuracy levels and formatting documents. Lab fee.



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The BAAS transfer options provide opportunities for students who complete an AAS with TVCC to continue their education at a partnering university. By enrolling and completing online courses with the partnering university, TVCC’s AAS students are able to earn a bachelor of applied arts and sciences (BAAS) degree that often is necessary for advancement into managerial and executive positions.

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