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The Trinity Valley Community College Police Department exists to provide law enforcement, safety, security, and emergency response to the college.  The department assists the college in its mission of being a learning-centered college that provides quality academic, workforce, college preparatory, student support, and community service programs that prepare and empower students for success and promote and enhance life-long learning for all communities served.

The Trinity Valley Community College Police Department shall strive to ensure law enforcement services provided to the college community are of the highest standards. Our expressed intent is to provide quality services by maintaining the highest ideals of honesty, integrity, courtesy, and sound judgment, while recognizing our duty to work together in partnership with the college community to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Life - We are committed to preserving life and enhancing the quality of life.
Empowerment - We are committed to an environment that encourages problem solving, both by the community and by
Accountability - We are committed to being responsible for our actions and taking ownership of our work.
Dedication - We are committed to our community, our profession, and to each other
Education - We are committed to educating ourselves and our community about the causes, resolution, and prevention of
                    crime and disorder
Respect - We are committed to human dignity and the worth of all individuals.