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Amy Rogers, Division Chair for Language Arts and Lisa Clark, Division Chair for Mathematics have worked together to provide some resources to help your ISD better prepare your students for the TSI Assessment.  Along with a short video prepared by Mrs. Rogers, attached are resources from the College Board, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Austin Community College to help with your preparation process.


Please review the following links as you watch the video which gives a brief explanation of the resources provided.

  1. College for All Texans

  2. TSI Overview

  3. TSI Assessment Student Informative Brochure

  4. Texas College and Career Readiness Standards

  5. TSI Sample Questions

  6. TSI Prep through Austin Community College


These resources provide information pertaining to Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.  When preparing students for the Mathematics portion of the TSI, they should be able to complete problems without using a graphing calculator.



We hope this information is helpful in preparing your students to take the TSI and be college ready.  You are welcome to contact either one of us if you have any questions concerning TSI preparation or need any other help.  Please feel free to contact Amy Rogers at 903-675-6369 or or Lisa Clark at 903-670-2633 or


Thank you for your interest in College Prep Resources!