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Language Arts - About Our Program


The Language Arts department at TVCC provides a broad foundation for the core of a college education. Studies within the Language Arts department includes the English, Foreign Language studies, and Philosophy. As an English major, you’ll read and analyze literature while learning the important components of writing and composition.

Our program will help you enhance your writing, critical thinking and reading skills, while also expressing your creativity. This is an opportunity to expand your mind as you continue on your professional or educational pathway.

The department is a close community of professors and students committed to their craft. Students can choose their pathway for an Associate of Arts Liberal Arts Degree with an emphasis in English or Spanish which provides a solid foundation to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Our faculty-to-student ratio is incredibly low, with one faculty member for every five students who are English majors–nearly unheard of in an English department anywhere in higher education. This fosters a creative and nurturing environment where students build deep and lasting connections with their faculty and fellow students.

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Our programs prepare you for your careers in:
  • Law
  • Political Science/Government
  • Public Administration
  • Business Management
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Health Science
  • Intelligence
  • Journalism

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Amy Rogers, M.A.
Division Chair for Language Arts