Inventory Control

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Our focus is on the processing, delivery, and tracking of College assets and materials.

  • Purchasing an item that needs tagged and processed into the college assets database?
  • Don't know if your purchase or donated item needs to be tracked?
  • Need special asset tracking attention for grant funded purchases?
  • Moving a college asset from one building or campus to another?
  • Have furniture or equipment that needs to be moved requiring heavy lifting?

We can help! Call us at 903-675-6349 or you can also email us at


Click the "Surplus Assets" title to the left of this article to see items that are ready for "Transfer". These items can be transferred to other college departments for college use purposes.

  • Some of the "surplus assets" listed from time to time may align with your departmental needs and many may not. If you see an item that your area needs, contact your departmental head and let us know!

  • We will send out emails to all campuses to notify you when items have been added to the surplus list. Some items will drop off the list if a need has not been found over a period of time and the item(s) will be put up for sale.

  • Certain items up for "transfer" that remain on the "Surplus Assets" for longer than a specified time will be removed and placed in the "Public Sale" group if the item(s) are not required by any of the college groups or departments for college purposes and it is not anticipated so for any time in the future. Notification of a "Public Sale" for these items will be announced, indicating the date, time, and place.