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Stay Connected with TVCC ALERT!

TVCC ALERT is a mass notification system that can alert students with text messages on their cell phones. With 90% of college students having mobile phones, this method of communication can increase safety on the TVCC campuses. Time-sensitive messages can now go out to parents, students, faculty, and staff wherever they are. In addition to cell phones, TVCC ALERT enables TVCC to send important campus information to you via: Web Page, RSS, PDA, Email, or Text Pager. The choice is yours!

When registering, use your Cardinal ID as your TVCC ALERT user name.  Your Cardinal ID is the part of your Cardinal email BEFORE THE @ sign. If your email is, your Cardinal ID would be doej093.  It is comprised of letters and numbers. 

More info on Cardinal ID.

Optional Groups

From time to time, TVCC will alert students and faculty to urgent events, local weather, traffic or parking information specific to a campus. Check the box next to the campuses you attend during the registration process to be included in all communications important to you.



Subscriber Portal

Manage your free TVCC Alert account online. Choose what types of alerts you get and where they're sent.