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2020-21 Registration Guide


Know what you want to register for, but not elgiible to register yourself?  E-advising means that you can register for classes with a fillable electronic form right from the website.  To complete E-advising, follow these directions.  Not all student situations will be eligible; please see the criteria below. 

You are eligible to E-advise if:

  • You have completed your full admissions process
  • You have reviewed TVCC's degree pathways and selected the degree you wish to pursue
  • You know for sure which courses you would like to enroll in - Advising can not pick your courses for you


Directions for completing the E-advising form:


1Pick your classes

You can use the schedule of classes to search for the perfect classes.  Once you have picked some from the schedule, take a note of the section numbers for those classes.  Your E-advising form must be complete with section numbers to be processed.  The graphic below will help if you aren't sure what a section number is.


TVCC picture


If you are unsure of what courses you need to be taking, E-advising may not be the best option for you. The advising staff can not pick your courses for you as it is your decision what times you would like to attend, or if you prefer online, etc.    Once you have picked some classes form the schedule, you are ready to fill out your E-advising form.


2Fill out the E-advising Form

Once you have your section numbers you will need to fill out the E-advising form.  The student information section helps us identify you as a student.  The bottom portion is for you to select the semester you are registering for, and input those section numbers you picked out.  Class input should look much like the example above, course abbreviation, followed by the course number, and finally the section number (i.e. ENLG.1301.ATH01).

You will have to check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions of the E-advising process, and then you can submit your from.  This does not complete your registration, but submits the form to the advisors. 


3Check your email

Keep an eye on your TVCC Cardinal E-mail.  You should receive an email confirmation upon form submission.  You will receive a secondary email from an advisor once your schedule has been completed.  They may also reach out to you if they have any questions regarding your form; be sure to stay in touch until you have a confirmed your registration.  Once you have your schedule, the process is complete.


E-Advising Form