ADN Clinical Preceptor Orientation


Welcome letter - for all preceptors except role transition

Welcome letter - for role transition preceptors

Description of Responsibilities of Clinical Preceptor, Student and Faculty

Texas Board of Nursing 3.8.3a Education Guidelines - Precepted Clinical Learning Experiences

Questions to ask the ADN student during clinical

One page introduction to clinical for Concept-based Curriculum

Shifting to a New Model of Nursing Education Clinical Tools for Equipping the Staff Nurse/Preceptor - An Education Module

Information Preceptors Always wanted to know about their license and students

Preceptor Evaluation of the TVCC ADN Program - Complete at the end of the semester

If you have any problems - call 972-932-4309; Make sure the faculty liaison gives you another way to contact them


Helpful Preceptor Resources & Web Sites

The Effective Preceptor

The One Minute Preceptor: Five Microskills for Clinical Teaching

Understanding the Adult Learner's Motivation and Barriers to Learning

Nurse Precepting: A Video Guide to Effective Mentoring