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Get the skills you NEED for the workplace!

TVCC received $300,000.00 from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for the Texas Reskilling Support Fund Grant Program. These last dollar* financial aid funds are available through the fall 2021 semester, ending December 2021. *Last dollar financial aid funds will only be disbursed after all a student’s eligible financial aid has been disbursed.

Get the funding you need for Reskilling.


Fundable Programs - All Workforce Education Certificates and AAS Degrees are Eligible.

Student Eligibility Requirements

Texas residents eligible for in-state tuition

(not just TVCC students; any institution of higher education (IHE) student is eligible

Have filed FAFSA

Are eligible for funds between $500 - $2,500 per semester

Can prove financial need and are eligible for federal Title IV aid

Have affirmed they were affected by COVID-19

Enrolled in an eligible workforce credential program certificate or AAS degree - on either a full time or part time basis

Not enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education (IHE) in the previous long semester or previous six months

TVCC RESKILLING Application Process

  • 1

    Potential students will complete the Online Application.

  • 2

    Workforce office will determine eligibility/approval

  • 3

    Students will be notified of their award via email, phone calls and text messages

  • 4

    Workforce office will send application to TVCC financial aid office

  • 5

    Once awarded, students will be monitored through the TVCC ERP system and by regular meetings with the workforce advisor and program coordinators

  • 6

    TVCC will report to THECB the types and amounts of tuition and fees charged to students by semester during the academic year

Get the funding you need for Reskilling!