2015-2020 Strategic Plan

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Through the strategic planning process, the Strategic Planning Committee annually reviews the College’s long-range goals (five-year plan) to guide the planning and budgeting efforts of all administrative and academic areas to accomplish the mission of the College. The Strategic Planning Committee acts in an advisory capacity on the institution’s execution of an ongoing, integrated, institution-wide effort to engage in research-based planning resulting in the enhancement of the College District’s ability to achieve its mission. The Strategic Planning Committee is specifically charged with: Establishing a mission for the College District that has measurable and meaningful outcomes so that progress can be monitored; Serving as a liaison with campus stakeholders for the continuous assessment of the strategic plan; Providing a formal annual evaluation of progress toward the accomplishment of strategic planning goals; and At least once every four years, conducting a total reworking of the strategic plan for recommendation to the administration and the Board. As an advisory body, the committee recommends changes in College District goals and/or priorities.

Co-Chair Jerry King
Tina Rummel
Members Algia Allen
Kristen Bennett
Brett Daniel
Wendy Elmore
Michael Felty
David Graem
Colette Hilliard
Sam Hurley
Jay Kinzer
David McAnally
Jean McSpadden
Helen Reid
Gayla Roberts
Kristen Spizzirri
Jeffrey Watson

2015_05_28 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2015_03_26 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2015_03_05 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2015_02_06 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2014_11_07 Agenda Presentation Minutes

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5/23/2017 1:20:52 PM