2011-2014 Strategic Plan

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Statement of Purpose:
The Strategic Planning Committee acts in an advisory capacity on the institution’s execution of an ongoing, integrated, institution-wide effort to engage in research-based planning resulting in the enhancement of the College’s ability to achieve our mission.

  • Establishing a mission for the College that has measurable and meaningful outcomes so that progress can be monitored.
  • Serving as a liaison with campus stakeholders for the continuous assessment of the strategic plan.
  • Providing a formal annual evaluation of progress toward the accomplishment of strategic planning goals.
  • At least once every four years, conducting a total reworking of the strategic plan for recommendation to the administration and the Board.
  • The chairperson shall be the College president and the vice chairperson shall be the director of strategic planning, effectiveness, and accreditation.
  • At least nine additional members who are representatives of all College constituencies, including faculty, staff, community members, students, and additional members shall be appointed by the College president.
Planning Activities:
2011_11_18 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2010_11_05 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2010_02_19 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2010_02_05 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2010_01_22 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2009_11_20 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2009_11_06 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2009_10_16 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2009_09_11 Agenda Presentation Minutes
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