2011-2014 Strategic Plan

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Committee on College Planning (COCP)

Statement of Purpose:
The Committee on College Planning (COCP) acts as an advisory committee to the Strategic Planning Committee. The COCP emphasizes planning and effectiveness to integrate continuous improvement, communication, and campus-wide representation into all programs and services by providing a formal annual evaluation of progress towards the accomplishment of strategic planning goals to achieve our mission.
  • supports strategic planning initiatives, accreditation, assessment, and program review for continuous improvement
  • provides in-depth development of action plans for strategic goals of the College
  • promotes communication and representation across campuses and among colleagues
  • Chairperson - College president
  • Vice chairperson - director of Strategic Planning, Effectiveness, & Accreditation
  • Vice presidents
  • Associate vice presidents
  • Provosts
  • Deans
  • Other directors as deemed necessary by the College president or vice chairperson
Planning Activities:
2013_04_25 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2012_04_26 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2011_04_28 Agenda Presentation Minutes
2010_04_29 Agenda Presentation Minutes

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11/16/2015 11:52:43 AM