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Registration FAQs


1. What are the requirements to register online? You must meet all of the following:

1) Enrolled at TVCC without missing a long semester

2) Be TSI complete, a certificate major, or visited with a counselor for advisement..

3) Have a cumulative 2.0 GPA,

4) Can not owe money to the college,

5) Cannot be on suspension,

6) All admissions records must be clear.

2. How many hours can I take without special permission?

You may take 19 hours without permission. If you want to take more, you will need to get permission from the Vice President of Instruction.

3. I am having trouble registering what do I do?

First go back and read the Registration Instructions . If you are still having, problems email your questions to

4. When do I have to pay?

See the deadline on the online Schedule of Classes.

5. What if financial aid or a scholarship is supposed to pay my tuition and fees, but my schedule shows me to owe money?

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that no money is owed by the deadline.

6. What if I need to change my schedule?

Schedule changes can be done online as long as the registration system is open. After walkin registration begins you will have to see a counselor to make a schedule change.

7. What if I am taking an internet class what do, I do?

Go to the Distance Learning Page at

8. What if I am taking a class that is TBA?

Contact the instructor teaching the course during the first week of class. Call the campus where the course is being offered.

Written by:
Tina Tanner
6/30/2016 11:48:41 AM