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Registration Instructions


1. Using your Cardinal ID, TVIN, or your social security number, login to your Cardinal Connection

2. Click on the semester you want to register for classes.

3. Enter Social Security Number, month and year of birth and press enter.

4. After deciding on your schedule of classes, enter the section # of each course. The section is second # after the course #. For example, Psych 2301.0674 – you would enter 0674. For classes with labs, you must enter the lecture section # and the lab section #.

5. Error messages identify filled classes, schedule conflicts, or missing labs. You will have to find another course if class is full. Check times to see time conflicts and add labs for missing labs.

6. Make sure you follow the instructions on each screen.

7. Remember you can only register for 19 hours unless you have special permission or you are music major.

8. After entering all section #s, press enter and your schedule should be displayed.

9. Check schedule to make sure the classes are right. If there are errors, repeat the process. You can type over the incorrect section #s or you can use the space bar and delete a number. Use the arrow keys to move to the right line. Press enter again and see if changes have been made and your schedule is correct.

10. Do not exit registration by closing the window or your records will lock up and you will not be registered.

11. Once registration is complete (you see your schedule displayed) hit the enter key which will take you back to the menu, then close out of the program.

Posted Date:
5/9/2018 2:40:07 PM