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Daniel Retires After 38 Years at TVCC

Linda Daniel retires from Trinity Valley Community College after 38 years of service.  Linda’s friends are invited to join us at a reception honoring her this Thursday, June 29, 10 a.m.-12 noon in the TVCC Cafeteria conference room. Here are some comments from Linda’s co-workers:
“Linda Daniel has been an important part of the TVCC family that has made a positive difference in the lives of our students and their families. We appreciate Linda’s years of dedication, tireless effort, and loyalty to our faculty, staff, and students. We will miss her but also wish her well in retirement.” – TVCC President Dr. Jerry King
“It has been an honor to work with Linda.  The positive impact she has had on TVCC and our students during her 38 years here is tremendous.  She has directly changed the lives of thousands of students who are now providing for their own families and serving as productive members of their own communities.  Many of our TVCC programs and services that exist today are successful because of Linda Daniel.  She has been the driving force in developing our major services and programs such as counseling/advising, orientation, graduation, and our completion efforts, just to name a few.  Through Linda’s efforts, future students will continue to benefit for many years to come.  Linda, Thank you for all you have done for TVCC and our students.” – Vice President of Student Services Dr. Jay Kinzer   
“Linda has been a constant, positive force that has played a pivotal role in supporting our students for many years. She may be the genuinely nicest person with whom I have worked in my 35 years at TVCC. Beyond that, she has a great last name!” – Vice President of Information Technology Brett Daniel
“I can’t believe that she is leaving!  She was one of the first people I met at TVCC, and was such a great influence!  I was scared to death about coming to college, and Linda was so comforting and supportive.  She believed in me more than I did! I had a great time working for her in the counseling office, even though my primary duty was sticking stickers on transcripts-they were all on cardstock back then, remember?  I sat on the floor for hours attaching those little printed stickers! Linda has been just as wonderful as a colleague.  I’ve never heard an unkind word, and I have always been so impressed by how much she cares for the students.  I would love to have that much joy and compassion!” – Math Professor and Division Chair of College Readiness Russell Self
“I've known Linda since I was a student worker in the Registrar's office back in 1989. Linda has always been such a kind lady with a sweet spirit about her. It will not be the same around here after she's retired. She brings such positive vibe wherever she goes. Linda has a special way of working with students. You can tell she really cares about these students she works with, and wants the best for them.” – Math Professor Jenny Cooper
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6/28/2017 9:33:41 AM