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BAM - Entrepreneurship - OSA

Successful completion of this Entrepreneurship and Small Business industry certification will validate skills and knowledge for those students interested in working in a middle-skill trade profession as their own boss and those with entrepreneurship and small business career aspirations.


Recommended Course Sequence:


Degree Type - Not Awarded
TSI Not Required
All required courses available online

Students successfully completing the Entrepreneurship Occupational Skills Award (OSA) will be eligible for the following industry certification exam:

  • ♦Entreprenuership and Small Business Certificate (ESB)
First Semester Credit Hours
BUSI 2301 Buisness Law 3
MRKG 1311 Principles of Marketing 3

ACNT 1303 Introduction to Accounting I OR
ACNT 1313 Computerized Accounting Apps

BUSG 2309 Small Business Mgmt/Entrepreneur 3
   SCH 12
Total Hours 12

Students successfully completeing the Entrepreneurship OSA are encouraged to pursue the SMALL BUSINESS ENTREPRENUERSHIP CERTIFICATE by completing nine additional courses.


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BOLD courses required in Small Business Entrepreneurship OSA

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5/1/2019 10:03:03 AM