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A tornado is a violent windstorm characterized by a twisting, funnel-shaped cloud. It is spawned by a thunderstorm and is produced when cool air overrides a layer of warm air, forcing the warm air to rise rapidly. Tornado season is generally March through August, although they can occur at any time of year. They tend to occur in the afternoons and evenings.

The best protection during a tornado is in an interior room on the lowest level of a building. Tornadoes strike with incredible velocity. Wind speeds may approach 300 miles per hour. These winds can uproot trees and structures and turn harmless objects into deadly missiles, all in a matter of seconds. Normally a tornado will stay on the ground for no more than 20 minutes; however, one tornado can touch ground several times in different areas. They are most destructive when they touch ground.

Tornado Watch:

A tornado watch means that conditions are favorable for tornado formation. You should remain alert and do the following:

• Review actions to take should the situation change to a Tornado Warning, or if a tornado funnel is sighted.

• Ensure no physical restrictions exist that would prevent free movement to your nearest safe area (clear any 
   blocked doors, aisles, etc.).

• Continue normal activities, but be alert to weather outside, and monitor a radio/television or watch the sky 
   for worsening weather conditions.

• If circumstances change faculty, staff and students will be notified by the ALERT, phone, and or TVCC siren
   notification systems. Do not phone Campus Police for information. Keep telephone lines clear for
   emergency messages.

Tornado Warning

A tornado warning means that a tornado has been sighted. You should do the following:

• Take cover. Preferably, proceed to the nearest safe area or shelter.

• Because of possible electrical failures, you should use the stairs, not the elevator.

• Remain well clear of windows and other glass.

• Avoid auditoriums and gymnasiums with large, poorly supported roofs.

• In multi-story buildings, you should move to the first floor. Inner hallways are usually safe areas.

• If possible, move to the ground level.

• If you are in a frame or sheet metal building and weather conditions permit, move to a brick or stone 
  building for added protection.
Building Safe Zones
Athens Campus

Building                                                                                     Safe Zones

Administration                                                           Registrar’s Office
                                                                                  Counseling Office
                                                                                  Office of Institutional Advancement

Gibbs Academic                                                          First floor classrooms / Center of building

Learning Resource Center / LRC                                  First floor / back area of Library

Student Union                                                            First floor Grill area

Liberal Arts                                                                Go to Student Union

Math / Journalism                                                      Go to Student Union

Baugh Technology Center                                           First floor classrooms / Center of building

Bookstore / Cafeteria                                                 Back area of bookstore

Fine Arts                                                                    Center and side hallways away from windows

Community Service Building / Adult Ed                     Center of building

General Studies                                                         First floor classrooms

Maintenance                                                              Break room

Welding                                                                     Go to West Hall

Auto Mechanics                                                         Go to West Hall

Nail Tech / Classroom                                               Go to West Hall

Ranch Management                                                   Go to West Hall

Cosmetology                                                              Go to Gibbs Academic

Field House                                                                Center hallway away from windows

Cardinal Gym                                                             North hallway near Softball Office

Northeast Resident Hall                                             First floor hallways

Northwest Resident Hall                                            Go to Northeast Resident hall

South Resident Hall                                                   First floor hallway

West Resident Hall                                                     First floor hallway

Cardinal Hall                                                               First floor bathrooms First floor bathrooms in

Palestine Campus

Anderson Building                                                       Library
                                                                                    Faculty Lounge
                                                                                    Lecture Hall
Calhoun Building                                                         Go to Anderson Building

ECRC (Technology Building)                                         Go to Anderson Building

Maintenance Building                                                   Go to Anderson Building

Kaufman Campus

Health and Science Center                                            Men’s and Women’s restrooms first floor



Terrell Campus

A – Building                                                                   Room 115
                                                                                     Room 113
                                                                                     Room 122
                                                                                     Counseling office
                                                                                     Storage Snack bar room 108
                                                                                     Men’s and Women’s restrooms

E – Building                                                                   Room E112
                                                                                     Room E113
                                                                                     Room E114
                                                                                     Men’s and Women’s restrooms

L – Building                                                                   Room L106
                                                                                     Room L110
                                                                                     Room L111
                                                                                     Room L118
                                                                                     Room L120



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