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To a criminal, your mobile phone isn’t just a communications device. To a thief or robber, your phone is easy money.

As smart phones have become more popular and more expensive, phone theft is increasing dramatically.

Phone theft is usually a crime of opportunity. 

Criminals focus on opportunities you give them, whether you’re walking on the street, sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop, working out at the gym or studying at the library.

Another frequent theft technique is the “grab and run;” a criminal catches you with your guard down while you’re on a phone call, snatches the device and takes off.

Yet another technique is a criminal asks to borrow your phone to make an urgent call and then runs away.

You can do a lot to protect yourself against phone theft. Here are some tips:

Conceal what a crook wants to steal: Do not walk in public talking on your phone, texting or even openly carrying the device. I

f you must be on the phone, be aware of your surroundings and of other people nearby. (Just being obviously alert and cautious may deter a criminal, who will wait for an easier target.) 

Don't allow strangers to “borrow” your phone or other electronic device. 

Other important precautions:
Keep records on your phone, including

           make and model  
           color and appearance
           PIN or security lock code
           Add a security mark:
            Print your zip code or house number onto both your phone and battery so that you can identify them easily.

Ensure that your cell phone is password-protected. 

Register your phone with your network provider when you buy it. If the phone is later stolen, report the loss to the provider immediately. 

Don't store personal or financial information in your phone. If it's stolen, it's not difficult for criminals to extract information before wiping the phone’s memory and reselling the device. 

Activate the global positioning system tracking option on your phone. If the phone does not have GPS tracking, consider after-market software. For instance, there’s a free “Find my iPhone” app available from Apple.
Posted Date:
9/19/2014 3:09:29 PM