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How to write an incident report.

Instructions and tips for faculty, staff and students to complete an incident report

  1. All incident reports are to be typed and submitted via email to the campus Judicial Officer.
  2. Complete the report thoroughly and accurately, including all complete pertinent information about the incident and persons involved (time, place, date, names, address).
  3. Be concise and to the point, while still being thorough and complete.
  4. DO NOT write from your emotion – leave editorial OUT (though you can share unofficial information verbally , remember that anything written, INCLUDING EMAIL, can be considered an official document).
  5. DO NOT speculate – you are reporting facts, not conjecture.
  6. Complete the report IMMEDIATELY after the incident – details fade fast.
  7. Take notes if necessary and flesh out the details later.
  8.  Remember all reports are official legal documents and could be used in judicial hearings and a court of law.
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10/8/2015 10:49:13 AM