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TVCC Loitering Policy

Updated TVCC Loitering Policy - 4/24/2012

To all Students, Faculty and Staff:
The safety of the entire college community is a primary concern of the TVCC Administration and a loitering policy will be in effect immediately. Anyone identified loitering on campus may be cited for violation of the loitering policy, asked to leave, and/or may be reported to the TVCC Judicial Officer for disciplinary action.
Loitering is currently outlined in the college residence life handbook on page 5 and the following addition is being made to the 2012-13 TVCC Catalog under the Student Code of Conduct on page 92.
31. LOITERING on college-owned or controlled property, including buildings and parking lots, is prohibited. Loitering on college premises is defined as lingering idly or without purpose in any area of the campus without official authority, hanging around in clusters, creating or causing unusually loud noises, disrupting the use of facilities and/or wandering aimlessly about campus between the quiet hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
If you have any question please contact the TVCC Judicial Office at (903) 675-6311.
Charlie Hueber
Judicial Officer
Posted Date:
4/24/2012 3:45:08 PM