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VN Handbook 2018

Welcome to TVCC Kaufman Vocational Nursing Program

Program Overview

Organizational Chart of Health Occupations Division

VN Philosophy

VN Conceptual Framework

Kaufman VN Curriculum

Health Occupation Division Polices

Honesty Policy

Non-Discrimination Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Communicable Disease Policy

Blood & Body Fluids Exposure Policy

Occurrence Policy & Procedure

Medication Error Polilcy and Procedure

Med Error Report Form

Commendation Record/Counseling Record/Contract/Dismissal Policy

Grievance/Complaint Policy

Due Process Policy

Civility Guidelines

Social Media Policy

Safe Harbor Policy

Safe Harbor Form

Criminial History and Registry Clearance

Drug Screening Policy

Chemical Dependency Policy

Employment of Health Occupations Students in Hospital/Agencies

General Information/Policies

Library/Audiovisual Policy

How to Use the Copier

How to Search Library Databases

How to Print from PowerPoints

Rules for Computer use in the Media Center

Inclement Weather Procedure

Policy for Test Taking/Grade Information

Increasing Your Chance of Success in Nursing School

Ten Useful Hints in Having a Successful Study Group

Study Group Care Plan Form Instructions

Study Group Care Plan Form

Vocational Nursing Policies

VN Required Textbooks 2018

Attendance Policy

Evaluation Policy

Exam Policy

Math Proficiency Policy

Canvas Instructions

Student Guidelines

Supervision of Medication Administration Policy

Clinical Safety Policy

Criteria for Unsafe Clinical Performance

Dress Code Policy

Expected Clinical Behavior

Readmission Policy

Student Exit Interview Form

Signature Form

Licensure Eligibility Form

Confidentiality Agreement for Simulation


Table of Most Commonly Used Abbreviations

Test Review Form

Question Review Request

Reference Request Form

State Board Information

Texas Occupations Code and Statutes Regulating the Practice of Nursing

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