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VCT Registration Information

VCT Registration

How VCT Works:

The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a collaboration of Texas community colleges that offer online courses to students who are unable to find needed courses at their home college. VCT operates on a Host-Provider arrangement. The Host is your local community college (TVCC). The Provider is the community college providing the instruction. If you are attending TVCC and the course you need for your degree is not offered online by TVCC, you may be able to reserve a space in that class at another VCT college (Provider).

TVCC will NOT allow or process requests to register for VCT courses if Trinity Valley Community College offers the same course online.

Registration Process for enrolling in VCT Course:

  1. Check the Trinity Valley Community College course schedule for available courses to determine if TVCC offers the course you need.

  2. If TVCC is not currently offering the course online, you may request a reservation in a course offered through the Virtual College of Texas.  Select a course from the VCT course schedule.  Note the start and end dates to ensure that they are compatible with TVCC's semester schedule.

  3. Verify that you have met all of the course prerequisites and make note of textbook information, orientation dates or requirements to contact the instructor.

  4. Submit a reservation request by contacting the TVCC Department of Distance Learning at or 903-675-6324.  Submit a request AT LEAST FIVE BUSINESS DAYS before the deadline listed on the VCT schedule.

Posted Date:
12/13/2017 1:46:00 PM